Call to Artists

Tenth Anniversary Special Saint Cecilia Arts Festival - 16 November 2013


Details coming in 2013!


General Guidelines

All performing artists are limited to 8 minutes or below of stage time. Visual artists are limited to four (4) works of art. We encourage you to submit up to six (6) works for us to choose from.


If you would like to perform or display, send an email to Michelle Gil, Artistic Director, with the following:

  1. An artistic resume (included or attached) with current contact information and a sampling of where your work has appeared (if applicable).
  2. A list of the works you would like to showcase, including descriptions and approximate length (in time). Also, if you want to say a word or two about why a piece is important to you, or what you hope to express by it, we’d love to hear it!
  3. An indication of how you would like to audition (see below).
  4. Any additional information that may be required (see guidelines for specific media below).


All artists who wish to perform must audition, with the exception of those who have performed at the Arts Festival in the past. There are two ways to audition:


1.    You may arrange to give a live audition by emailing Michelle Gil, Artistic Director. 


2.    You may submit a recorded audition. Musical performers must provide a clear, good-quality audio recording; spoken performers must provide a clear, good-quality video recording. Mp3s may be emailed if they are less than 1MG each. Videos may be shared by providing a link to a website or media-sharing site such as Picasaweb, or burned to a CD and mailed to the address below.

Musicians and Singers

To audition, please perform 32 bars of the piece you will be performing and bring accompaniment on CD if needed. If you have mp3s of your music, you may email it to the Artistic Director at or mail a CD to the address below.

Spoken Word

Your submission email should include the script of each work as an attachment. To audition, please present 14–30 lines from a poem, skit, comedic or dramatic monologue, or other spoken genre. For live auditions, have the complete pieces you intend to perform with you when you arrive; for recorded auditions, please indicate in your email how you will share your video.


A note about delivery: Please give some thought to the non-verbal aspects of your spoken-word performance. Oftentimes artists are fooled by the term “recital”; in practice, words themselves are only a small part of the whole act of communicating. This is even more true on stage, especially when there is no music accompanying.


Your varying tone of voice, your gestures, facial expressions, movement around the stage--all of these are your natural-born tools, designed to augment the natural music of human language. Think about how you can use each of these tools to fill the room with the profound range depths of meaning in the work you have made your own. It is your great task and opportunity to help your audience not just hear the words, but experience their beauty!

Visual Artists

Eligible categories: oil, watermedia, pastels, graphite, scratchboard, original printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, wood, glass, or photography. If you would like to submit work in another category, contact Michelle Gil, Artistic Director.


Submit digital images of your work in JPEG format, 72–300dpi resolution, 1 MB maximum file size. Name each image: lastnamefirstname_imagenumber.jpg. You may send these via email to, or on a CD to the address below.


You must be available to drop off and pick up your work at the venue and you must bring your own display equipment.

Mail CDs to:

The Saint Cecilia Group

Attn: Michelle Gil

Artistic Director

P.O. Box 23624

Washington, DC 20026

Key Dates

Submission deadline: TBD

Artist acceptance deadline: TBD

Dress Rehearsal (Mandatory for all artists/performers): TBD

Installation of visual art: TBD

Arts Festival: 16 November 2013

De-installation of art: 16 November 2013 (directly after end of show)

Contact Us

To schedule an audition or if you have any questions about the Saint Cecilia Group or our Ninth Annual Arts Festival, please contact Michelle Gil, Artistic Director.


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… and on Twitter:!/StCeciliaGroup