About Us



The Saint Cecilia Group is about the exploration of beauty, the practice of creativity, and the renewal of culture in the greater Washington DC area and beyond!



The Saint Cecilia Group (SCG) is a volunteer-run organization that seeks to encourage creativity, explore and expand the role of beauty in our lives, and contribute to the renewal of culture in the Washington DC area and beyond.



The idea behind SCG began in the autumn of 2004 among two friends, a piano, and a living room. Add to that a shared creative streak and a passion for the art and beauty, and soon a few talented friends had gathered to enjoy and share their favorite music, poetry, and skits. Today, that informal music-and-poetry jam has blossomed to over two hours of performances from up-and-coming local and regional artists and over one hundred attendees.



The Saint Cecilia Group seeks to nurture the renewal of culture in the Washington, D.C., area by supporting local and regional artists. We seek to provide enjoyable performances as well as opportunities for discussion and meditation about art and beauty, and thereby nourish culture and creativity in our chaotic modern lives.


We believe that beauty should be accessible and art should be well executed. We strive to provide opportunities for interaction between art enthusiasts and the artists themselves. We also hope to forge partnerships and connect with patrons who support this important mission.



Foremost among the programs that advance our mission is the annual fall Arts Festival--always the Saturday before Thanksgiving--which showcases local and regional emerging and professional musical, dramatic and visual artists, as well as guest artists from around the country. The festival isn't just great art, it's great food and great fun!


We also sponsor recitals, artistic dinners, house concerts, and lectures, and offer encouragement and advice to art-lovers around the country to begin similar cultural programs. Not to mention exciting new initiatives always in the works!