Praise for the Ninth Annual Saint Cecilia Arts Festival!

Imagination and the American Mind: Tracing the Borders of Beauty

It was, as always, a magical evening. My daughter Abby was so moved by (Julie and Miriam-Rose LeDuc’s)performance of "Amazing Grace”….that is what this night is all about. To lift our souls out of ourselves. That is what art can do at its highest and best. Whether it be something touching and beautiful, something powerful and strong, or something absolutely hilarious. Thank you, Michelle, for understanding this and for providing this evening of inspiration for everyone!

--Kelly G.


Congrats on the amazing arts festival. Your dedication and great aesthetical sense showed through! I am immensely impressed. Sadly and stupidly I had triple booked myself for Saturday and was only able to stay for the first portion of the evening. Thank you so much for your hard work in bringing such delight to other's through art, what a tremendously positive impact!

--Dominika P.

A Winter Stroll through Patria

Storytime, Book Signing Event with author Daniel McInerny


very once in a great while - perhaps no more than once - life hits you over the head with an adventure."  And Daniel McInerny has written such an adventure with the Kingdom of Patria series.

Join us at Jabberwocky Children's Bookstore in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia as Daniel and a cast of characters reads from the first book in the Patria series, Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits.

Details forthcoming.



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